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Why Choose Us?

iTech Center is an Online Shopping Portal associated with Everest Academy Dharan.

Institute was established in the year 2059 B.S. (2003) with the motto of imparting the best and the cheapest education for the students who are bereaved from getting the formal education of computer courses and languages. It is one of the renowned, reputed and well established institutes. It is launching bits and pieces of educational programme in a single place.

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It is only one among the many. Welcome in this official site. Everest Computer & Language Institute (Everest Academy) has created an ethos where effective learning is the central norm- with students seeking to learn and enjoy learning. Another legacy of our approach in management is the way in which achievement is held high and aspirations encouraged in every individual, students and learners whatever their level. We will certainly not forget to reward our friends and students in success and commendable acts.

Our Location

iTech Technology Center/Everest Computers


Dharan – 7, Budda Marga

(BPKIHS Road Chowk)
Email: info.dumi@gmail.com
Phone: 9852047240

Computer Classes

  • Basic / Diploma / Advance Level
  • Accounting / Graphics Designing
  • Webpage Programming
  • Database / Video Editing
  • QBASIC / C Programming
  • Video Editing etc..

Support and Sales

  • Desktop Repairs & Sales
  • Projector in Rent
  • Laptop Repairs & Sales
  • Printer Repairs & Sales
  • Website Design, Regd. & Hosting
  • (IT) Accessories aviable