Eye Pen Camera


Ideal for business and on the move video recording surveillance. Are you about to sign that life changing land transaction? Or just about to buy a car from a not too trusting car broker or in a meeting in which you need to get damning information? Then the spy pen camera is your next best friend. Key Features: 1. Made of high quality and durable material 2. High sensitivity microphone 3. Long time voice recording 4. It can be used as a normal pen with elegant appearance and fluent writing 5. Allows you to easily set time and date 6. Supports Micro SD card (Memory card NOT included)  Specifications:1. Video Formats:AVI 2. Video coding:M-JPEG 3. Video resolution:720 x 480 VGA 4. Photo JPG Format 1280 x 1024 5. Video frame rate:30fps 6. The ratio of image:4:3 7. Charging voltage:DC-5V 8. Battery Type:High-capacity lithium polymer

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